About Us


Grove Landscaping has been creating quality landscapes for its valued customers since 1983. During those 28 years, we have built a solid customer base that consistently recommends us to their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Our experience has given us many valuable insights, which enable us to give the highest level of service and expertise to each of our customers from the initial phone call to the completion of the project.


Steve paying attention to detailOur philosophy is: Quality work done by quality people, with quality service from start to finish. Contrary to most good business advice, we do very little media advertising, and instead rely on word-of-mouth. It is only through years of building good customer relations and customer trust that a company is able to achieve (and earn) that kind of reputation. As the writer of Proverbs was inspired to write: “A good name is to be more valued than gold”

At Grove Landscaping, we tell our staff members: “Listen to your customers. Create a unique, outdoor environment with them in mind. Pay attention to detail. Be personable and service oriented. Follow through on your promises. Be a company of integrity that people can trust.”