Perennials for old fashioned gardens

  Perennials for old fashioned gardens In Northfield, we do a lot of landscaping around older homes. I remember when I was younger, my Mom and Dad would take me to Grandma’s house. I’ll never forget how much I enjoyed looking at all the all the flowers in her garden. (A sign of things to come?). Grandma [...] . . . → Read More: Perennials for old fashioned gardens

Landscaping a small space

Designing and landscaping small spaces is one of my favorite things to do. I tend be be somewhat of a private person myself, so I enjoy creating intimate, private spaces. There is something therapeutic about being outside, yet having that feeling that you are still “in your room”. Sort of like relaxing in your den [...] . . . → Read More: Landscaping a small space

What are the most destructive habits?

The following has nothing at all to do with plants, bugs,  or landscaping, but it’s great advice for us all. I have this hanging up in my office; its author is unknown. The most destructive habit: Worry The greatest joy:  Giving The greatest loss: Loss of self respect The most satisfying work: Helping others The [...] . . . → Read More: What are the most destructive habits?

Award-Winning Perennials Part II . . . → Read More: Award-Winning Perennials Part II

Award -Winning Perennials, part I

Each year, the Perennial Plant Association picks a perennial plant that it feels has the outstanding qualities to be voted Perennial Plant of the Year.  With the global warming, Northfield is on the border between zones 4 and 5, depending on who’s zone map you are looking at. (I like the one put out by [...] . . . → Read More: Award -Winning Perennials, part I

Ponds and Water Features: A Backyard Paradise

A few years back, I installed a 11′ x 16′ pond with a waterfall in our back yard, next to our paver patio. It’s something that I’ve enjoyed immensely, and has become the focal point of the yard. Any water feature that we have installed for our clients has been become a real favorite spot [...] . . . → Read More: Ponds and Water Features: A Backyard Paradise

Edible flowers

With the picnic and outdoor cooking season here, it might be time to try something different in your culinary endeavors! I thought the following article might be of interest to the Northfield community. I ran across this Yard and Garden brief about edible flowers written by Ginny Coyle of the University of Minnesota Extension Service. [...] . . . → Read More: Edible flowers

Pond and Water Feature Basics

g . . . → Read More: Pond and Water Feature Basics

Pruning: the basics

This is an updated version of the plant care sheet that I give my customers, who often ask about how to best prune a variety of different plants. Feel free to copy it and keep it in a handy place! Evergreens: Evergreens that grow continuously can be pruned or sheared anytime during the growing season [...] . . . → Read More: Pruning: the basics

Building a Butterfly Garden Part II

There are two types if plants that attract butterflies. They are 1) a nectar source for the butterfly, and 2) a food source for the larvae to feed on. The more you have of each, the better your chances are of attracting a wide variety of butterflies to your garden. You should also include a [...] . . . → Read More: Building a Butterfly Garden Part II