Patios and Ponds: the perfect combination

A while back we did a project  that involved constructing a large clay paver patio and walkway designed by Northfield landscape architect Spencer Jones. This project involved clay pavers, outcropping stones, a “bubbling rock” water feature, seat stones, and a pathway to a stone bench.

The owners wanted to expand their deck for an outdoor entertainment area, but they had to solve a water problem first. The soil around the existing deck was composed of a poorly drained, heavy clay soil, which caused a real problem with frost heave when the ground would go through it’s yearly freeze-thaw cycle. Spencer had us start by building up the area around the patio with a thick, well drained base of gravel. We then constructed the patio at  a positive slope. (That is, we sloped the patio away from the house so the water would drain away from the deck).

clay paver patio5

Paver sidewalk leading to the patio

clay paver patio6

Water feature, seat stone, and flagstone pathway leading out to the stone bench

The clay pavers were laid in a herringbone pattern, which can be challenging in a large area because they tend to wander and get out of alignment. The real challenge came when we had to pave around the water  feature. We had to start on one side, lay pavers all the around it and come back to meet the pavers at the exact spot we started.

                           clay paver patio3

Under construction

The  new space has plenty of room  for outdoor entertaining with a beautiful view of their acreage. The pathway, which is constructed of large rectangular pieces of flagstone, leads you out “in to the view” ,ending at a stone bench, which is framed by two  flowering crabapples and two large seat stones.

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