Front entry upgrade




When renovating the front of a home, a very important part of the project is the front, or main, entry. This can be especially true when the home is located on a corner lot with more than one choice to get to the front door.

I designed this project it so that from no matter which side you entered the property, it would lead you to the front door. The first thing I did was eliminate  the sharp angles and long straight lines and switched the concrete sidewalks to pavers, which softened the look. The long  paver pathway  (which comes from the driveway on the other side of the house) was installed in a running bond pattern,  will be passing through a garden, making the 80 foot long  ”journey” to the front door more pleasant than, say, a concrete walk cutting through the lawn.

The front walk coming from the street also needed more character and some softening up, which we accomplished by installing the paver walkway in a soft “S” line.


A curved entry softens the approach to the front entry

We added a small entry patio and installed a seat stone in it , which helps draw attention to the front door, and also helps separate the two walkways with the change in brick pattern.



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