Farmer’s Almanac: Weather predictions for 2011

Farmer's Almanac, 1883

Farmer’s Almanac, has always been known for its long range forecasts. But it also contains a lot of other information, such as gardening tips, tide tables, moon phases, astronomy and articles on farming. It has been around for over 225 years, making it the longest running periodical ever.

You can also check out the weather history for any given day all the way back to1946.

According to the Almanac, winter was supposed to be a bit drier than normal.  March is (or was) predicted to be a snowy month. Looks like they may have got their months turned around. April and May will be cooler and a bit drier than normal, with a chance for significant snowfall in mid-April

.April and May will be much cooler and a bit drier than normal, with a chance for significant snowfall in mid-April.


APRIL 2011: temperature 37 ° (4 ° below avg.); precipitation 1″ (1″ below avg.);

Apr 1-8: Sunny, cool;

Apr 9-10: Sunny, warm;

Apr 11-14:  Rain to snow, then sunny, cold;

Apr 15-17: Showers, mild;

Apr 18-30: Rain to snow, then sunny, cool.


MAY 2011: temperature 51 ° (4 ° below avg.); precipitation 2.5″ (0.5″ below avg.);

May 1-8: Rainy periods, cool;

May 9-11: Showers, seasonable;

May 12-17: A few t-storms, turning warm;

May 18-23: T-storms, then sunny, chilly;

May 24-31: Scattered t-storms, seasonable

Summer will be hotter and drier than normal. The hottest periods will occur in mid- to late June, early July, and mid-August.

September and October will be much cooler and slightly drier than normal.

This web site is fun to “poke around” on. It has something of interest for everybody. If you like to throw a line in the water now and then, check out their “Best days to fish”.