Timber steps, field stone walls, and some extra parking

New house, steep slope

Fill for the new parking

A spot to park a third car. An easier way to get from the upper side deck down to the back yard. Less mowing on the steepslope along the side of the house.  All three conditions were issues that were addressed for these homeowners in their newly built country home.   We started the process by hauling in fill to create level spot for the extra parking. We then used brick pavers  to construct a landing  next to the upper deck and walkway along the side of the garage. We then installed a timber framed  step system with three landings, which fit the contour of the hill, and also provided “resting” places. with the intent of putting a small wooden bench on the larger landing.  The owner had a pile of field stone from the basement excavation, so we recycled them and constructed some low boulder retaining walls which also serve as planters. We also installed another larger wall (not pictured) to support the raised grade  along the garage for the parking space. We decided to make the newly leveled area larger than was needed to park a car, in order to plant shrubs, perennials, and a Japanese tree lilac to visually soften things up and “anchor” the wall.

"The Hill"

"The steps"






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